Matthew Wager, P.E.

Matthew Wager, P.E. Vice President

Mr. Wager’s areas of expertise include geosynthetics, structural and geotechnical design of both shallow and deep foundations, slope stability analysis using computer modeling, concrete and geosynthetic reinforced earth retaining structures, design of rigid and flexible pavements, groundwater control, and in-situ testing during construction. Mr. Wager’s responsibilities have included geotechnical design of roadways and structures, management of soil and groundwater sampling programs, slope inclinometer evaluation, geotechnical construction monitoring, bearing capacity and settlement analysis of proposed structures, and site characterization for a variety of projects including soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling. He also has detailed experience in soil improvement techniques, storm water management facility design, slope design, tunnel design, construction cost estimates, temporary construction earth bracing systems, project scheduling, storm drain system design, and QA/QC programs at sanitary landfills.

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